Board Spotlight: New Molded Versa

Posted on May 3, 2016 by Austin Cox

New Board, New Construction

Every year we strive to improve both our company and our boards. We take pride in never resting on previous successes, but continually pushing toward excellence. That said, we are introducing a new and improved Versa SUP  that not only eliminates waste and energy but also adds more value to both the board and the eco-savvy rider. Our all-around epoxy SUP is still the superior board – but now there are even more reasons to want one. Thermal Molded Versa Paddle Board in Lake Tahoe

Construction: Thermal Molded Technology

Thermal Molded Technology might sound super scientific, but actually it’s a pretty simple concept to grasp. Prior to this technology, the old school way of constructing boards was to cut blanks from a massive foam block. The foam block could yield up to 5 boards per block – but also produce 10 boards’ worth of waste. This was not the least bit environmentally conscious, which goes against our longstanding principle of respecting the environment and protecting the natural world.  There was just one option, from our perspective. We had to do better, hopefully setting a new standard and inspiring other like-minded companies to do the same. It was time to advance our manufacturing and improve the basic construction process. Thermal Molded Versa SUP Highlights The new, improved process starts with a mold; we inject the EPS foam inside. No waste! This simple but genius technique permits the exact, perfect amount of foam inside the mold. Not only is it more eco-friendly, but it allows every board have the same density and ideal, identical shape – as opposed to the less effective hand-shaping method. Plus, the EPS foam is heat laminated with fiberglass and epoxy resin in the mold. This process controls the ideal amount of resin into the mold, resulting in a stronger and more durable board every single time.
  • Perfect shape every time
  • Consistent foam density on boards
  • Zero waste from manufacturing
  • A stronger, more durable board

Versa SUP Combo Group Lake Tahoe Beach

FREE Paddle Included

A SUP isn’t complete without a paddle board paddleJust like the previous Versa model, we have included a free adjustable paddle with the new Thermal Molded Versa as well. As you can see, this paddle has a brand new look with improved graphics, a plastic blade and a carbon fiber shaft. These paddles are light, highly durable and easy on the eyes!

Versa Adjustable SUP Paddle NEW Features

Now that you understand the new construction, here are the major advances evident in the new Molded Versa. These are features based upon the new construction – but obviously, there are many more key features that add to this perfect, all-around epoxy SUP.

Less Waste

As mentioned earlier, this improved process reduces waste, and we only use the exact amount of foam required for each board. No more whittling away a board from a massive foam block – and we get the same shape every time. A win for you, a win for the environment.

Stronger Board

The previous process of cutting blanks from a foam block would yield different densities. Not to get too granular, but essentially the outer layers of any blank will have a higher density compared to the middle layer. For instance, one board might be softer than the next board, since they were cut from different portions of the foam block. Now, though, every board has the perfect strength and density – resulting in a more solid and durable board.

Better Design

We’re not saying our previous models weren’t designed well. We’re proud of our long-standing, stellar record of producing quality boards. However, onward and upward! We now have full board graphics, as opposed to the same 2-tone color noted previously in the first generation Versas. Our next-gen Versas come in new colors such as blue, wood and a styling aqua. A design for everyone!

Same Great Price

An advanced construction paired with more sophisticated designs sounds like the recipe for a higher price, right? Actually, quite the contrary. We’ve managed to keep the board at the same low price of $795. We’ve always been honest and true when it comes to selling boards, and we want as many people as possible to enjoy standup paddle boarding – with an Isle! Standup Paddle Boarding In Lake Tahoe

Final Thoughts

We get super excited whenever we have a new product come in, because each design represents a culmination of numerous reviews, tons of feedback, plenty of testing and hours of meticulous thought and hard work bundled into each shiny new board. Here at Isle Surf & SUP, our only job is to make sure you find that perfect board, and our outstanding track record over the past 12 years demonstrates just how committed we are! Please feel free to call or email us regarding any questions or guidance you need. Customer Service (888) 569 – 7873  


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