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Jerian Markaya

Jerian has always had a passion for nature, travel, and new experiences. She has lived all over the United States — from Colorado, New York, California, and Florida — and currently lives in Jacksonville Beach where she is an avid paddle boarder and yoga instructor. She is an ACA certified SUP instructor, a registered yoga teacher, and a certified SUP Yoga teacher, leading tours and classes in the many beautiful beaches, springs, and rivers the area has to offer. She is also a talented hula hooper who loves to hula hoop on her SUP! She also holds a Master’s degree in Applied Sociology from the University of Central Florida. Go Knights!

Jerian has been paddling in kayaks and canoes since she was a kid. In 2016, she received one of the greatest gifts ever, her own stand up paddle board, and it quickly became something she couldn’t live without! Like many paddlers and surfers, for Jerian, SUP is so much more than just a sport, it has benefits for the mind, body, and soul! She considers it a form of therapy and a way to practice mindfulness, just enjoying the beautiful water one stroke to the next. She also loves how SUP is a great way to help clean our environment and spread awareness for nature conservation, and Jerian even actually enjoys picking up trash while on her SUP (though she’s obviously happy when there is none to be found!)

In 2017, Jerian was suddenly diagnosed with a movement disorder called cervical dystonia which causes involuntary spasms of the neck muscles. After a year of extensive treatment, during which she was only able to lay on her board a few times, she was finally able to paddle again, falling in love with it more than ever and deciding to become an instructor. She is incredibly grateful for the joy that paddling has brought to her life and she hopes to share her passion and love for SUP and yoga with others, especially those facing obstacles. Besides paddling and practicing yoga, Jerian also loves playing guitar and ukulele, painting, reading, and spending time with family, friends, and her fur baby, Bijou.


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