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Paddle Board Day Bag

    Paddle Board Day Bag

    Day Bag | 2 Sizes

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    Ideal paddle board storage, protect your epoxy SUP from dings and heat damage with an easy-to-carry, tailored paddle board day bag to extend the life of your board. 

    Fit Guide:

    10'6 Bag – Outpost 10'6 | Cruiser 10'5

    10'6 Bag – Versa 10'5

    11' Bag – Glider 10’10 

    No bag available for 11'2 Versa

    Current Price $195

    Paddle Board Day Bag

    Day Bag | 2 Sizes

    Current Price $195.00


    Made specifically for hard stand up paddle boards, ISLE’s paddle board bag is the most effective way to store your board and protect it in transit. Whether you are looking for winter paddle board storage or just want to protect your SUP as you travel to the water, a paddle board day bag is the best option. Note that in service of protecting your board from sunlight, these bags will degrade over time, faster when left in direct, prolonged sunlight. Always dry your board thoroughly before long-term storage to avoid humidity and water damage.

    Crafted to snugly fit our exact epoxy board dimensions with water-resistant padding and additional nose and tail reinforcement, you can confidently protect and store your SUP.

    The ISLE paddle board day bag is also ready for transport. Its layer of heat-reflective 266PE on the bottom of the bag safeguards your board from sun damage while on top of your vehicle. Plus, external paddle straps, a removable non-slip shoulder strap with stainless steel d-rings, and an ergonomic comfort grip side handle make carrying your stand up paddle board easier than ever.



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