6 Reasons Why You Need an iSUP For Your Fall Adventures

Posted on October 14, 2020 by Julie Riggert

Every season brings an opportunity for a shift in perspective, a new routine, a fresh mindset, and the next chapter. That's why we are welcoming the change to the fall season with open arms, and finding more ways than ever to spend it on the water. Inflatable paddle boards are the key!

Stand up paddle boards can provide the perfect getaway or staycation for any fall adventure. In addition, you can get there even faster with an inflatable paddle board!

man paddling in lake

Here are 6 more reasons why you need an iSUP in your life this fall. 

1. You can take them anywhere.

Inflatable paddle boards are durable, portable and easily storable. Just roll it up into a backpack or put in the back of your car and you’re ready to take it with you anywhere. Whether it’s a far away destination, or five minutes down the road, it's an easy trek. In addition, every iSUP comes with a manual hand pump and inflates quickly to the recommended 12 PSI.  

2. You can be on the water without being in the water.

Who cares if the water is cold? You won’t feel it - because the beauty of an inflatable stand up paddle board is that you can enjoy all the benefits of being on the water without getting in. Just strap on that 8 foot coil leash and use your whole body to balance as you glide and enjoy a gorgeous view.

3. The entire family can enjoy it.

The best fall adventures are ones you can share with others. Are you tired of seeing your kids on their devices all day? Get them outside! Remember, inflatable paddle boards are just as durable as traditional epoxy boards. They are even constructed with tough layers of military grade PVC. In other words, this means you can bring your kids, pets and friends aboard for the ride! 

4. It’s the best way to enjoy the beauty of fall.

Imagine gliding along a calm, glassy lake with golden and auburn foliage surrounding you, shimmering in the wind like jewels. Meanwhile, you inhale the crisp air as your breathing matches the rhythmic sound of your paddle gently lapping the water’s surface.  This is the ideal time to be paddling. In conclusion, the best way to enjoy all the beauty that this season has to offer is up close and personal, on the water. 

5. It’s a COVID-friendly activity.

Did this crazy year get you stuck in a boring routine? Don't worry, because using an iSUP is a safe activity to engage in with friends and family without having to sacrifice anyone’s level of comfort and health. Above all, you are outside, socially distanced, and feeding your body, mind and soul with negative ions from the water (mood boosters!) sunshine and fresh air.

6. You can get in an extra (fun) workout.

Paddle boarding is such a sensory experience; you don’t even feel like you’re working out. That's because you’ll be too distracted by the sights, sounds, smells and feel of being on the water. In addition, you might end up burning more calories than your last gym sesh because you’ve lost track of time! When was the last time you had that much fun working out? 

Isle has four amazing inflatable paddleboards to choose from to fit your style, routine and price point. Plus - you get free shipping and our 60-day ride it guarantee. Take a look around and ask us about our financing options!

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