How Much Do Paddle Boards Cost?

Posted on October 16, 2019 by Doug Robichaud

In the last few years, the online marketplace for paddle boards has become oversaturated. With more options than ever, choosing the perfect stand up paddle board can be challenging, especially since there’s such a wide range in price points. Now, you can find a paddle board online for as little as $180 to as much as $2,000. This massive gap in prices begs the question: How much should you spend on a paddle board?

Below, we break down paddle board price in the simplest of terms. Whether you’re looking for an epoxy SUP or an inflatable SUP, we will give you all the information you need to find out how much you should spend on your next or first stand up paddleboard. 

A Guide To Epoxy Paddle Board Prices

paddle board prices
2019 Glider LE "Hula"

How Much Do Epoxy Paddle Boards Cost?

Epoxy SUPs are the most expensive type of stand up paddle board. They range in price from $700 to $2,000. Generally, they are more expensive because they cost the most to make and ship. To break it down real quick, epoxy paddle boards are constructed from an EPS foam core with multiple layers of fiberglass saturated with epoxy resin. As a result, epoxy SUPs are the most rigid paddle boards on the market and provide optimal performance in all water conditions. 

Since there is such a wide range in price points for epoxy SUPs online, it can be confusing to figure out how much you should spend to get a high-quality epoxy paddle board that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Below, we'll discuss epoxy SUP pricing from the cheapest to the most expensive. Discover the differences between the price points and find out which SUP fits your lifestyle.

paddle board prices
2019 ISLE Frontier

Epoxy Paddle Board Prices: $700 to $1,200

Epoxy SUPs that fall into the most affordable price range are for the recreational paddler who is looking to enjoy the simple pleasures of leisurely paddling. In other words, if you’re just looking to enjoy your local lake or beach during the warmer months, then an epoxy SUP in this price range will provide you with everything you want and more. Of course, if you want to pick it up a notch, epoxy SUPs in this price range, like a long-distance touring paddle board, can make a leisurely paddle more exhilarating and fast-paced. 

Believe it or not, epoxy SUPs in the lower price range are surprisingly the most versatile. Not only will your epoxy SUP be great for relaxing flat water paddles, but their wide deck pads and extra stability allow you to try out popular SUP activities like SUP yoga, SUP fishing, and even SUP surfing. A great example of a versatile epoxy SUP in this price range is the Versa. Just because an epoxy paddle board is on the cheaper end of the spectrum does not necessarily mean it’s low-quality. Paddle boards like the Limited Edition Glider and Frontier are both in this price range and are constructed with high-quality materials, sport stylish designs, and come included with everything you need to hit the water the day your board arrives. 

Epoxy Paddle Board Price: $1,300 to $2,000

Epoxy SUPs that fall into the more expensive price range are for serious paddlers who are masters of one specific type of paddle boarding. In other words, these SUPs are for elite paddlers who enjoy SUP surfing in pumping waves, SUP racing in sponsored events, or SUP fishing in a destination that offers year-round escapades for the most dedicated and experienced anglers.

Keep in mind that these epoxy SUPs are usually specialized for just one type of paddle boarding, whether it’s for SUP surfing, SUP racing, or SUP fishing. This means that a high-end surf SUP will not work well if you want to take it on a leisure flatwater cruise. The same goes for top of the line racing SUPs and fishing SUPs. 

The main reason these niche stand up paddle boards are more expensive is because their designs use innovative materials like carbon fiber. Furthermore, these high-end SUPs have heavily-refined and super technical shapes like displacement hulls. If a paddle board with a “rounded vee double concave” sounds too technical for you, then you absolutely do not need an epoxy SUP in this price range.

A Guide To Inflatable Paddle Board Prices

paddle board prices
2019 ISLE Megalodon 15'

How Much Do Inflatable Paddle Boards Cost?

Inflatable paddle boards range in price from $180 to $1,300. For the most part, inflatable SUPs are less expensive than epoxy SUPs, making them a great option for first-timers or families. Inflatable paddle boards are the easiest type of SUP to transport and store at home in their carry bag. In addition, the higher-quality versions are super durable and will last you for many seasons of dependable use.

Surprisingly enough, when inflated, these paddle boards can be just as rigid as epoxy paddle boards if they’re constructed from multiple layers of military-grade PVC, drop-stitch technology, and precision machine-laminated seams and bonding layers. All you need to do is hand-pump your inflatable SUP to the suggested PSI and you’re ready to start paddle boarding.