10 Best Gifts for the Outdoorsman

Posted on November 3, 2016 by Austin Cox

The Ultimate Buyers Guide This Season

We want to take the stress out of your shopping this year. We know your goal is to find the perfect gift for your friends & family (or even for yourself), and that is why we have made it easy for you to find the best gifts for any outdoorsman or any outdoorsy woman this season.

#1 – ISLE Polarized Sunglasses

ISLE polarized sunglasses Cost: $45 Buy Now or pick up in our San Diego Showroom Product Details:
  • Polarized blue or grey mirrored lenses
  • Refined arms and frame for superior comfort
  • Comes with a protected pouch
Our Review:  No matter what season it is, you will always need a nice pair of polarized sunglasses. These sunglasses are lightweight which are perfect for when you're on the go. In addition, the price point is super affordable.

ISLE Polarized Sunglasses

#2 – Rumpl Camping Blanket

ISLE outdoors gift guide rumpl blanket Cost: $65 - $299 Buy Now Product Details:
  • Light and easy to pack and travel with
  • Water resistant
  • 5 different sizes from baby to king
Our Review:  Are you still using that outdated, raggedy blanket for your camping trips, beach days and outdoor adventures? It’s time to refresh your linens and get a RUMPL, which works perfect for any venture. Similar to a sleeping bag or your insulated puffy jacket, this blanket is constructed to provide optimal warmth in all elements and conditions. It's easy to transport whether you are traveling far, or you just want to use this blanket at home in between trips! ISLE outdoors gift guide rumpl blanket

#3 – ISLE Megalodon

ISLE Megalodon mulit-person paddle board Cost: 12' - $995 | 15' - $1295 Buy Now or pick up in our San Diego Showroom Product Details:
  • The 12' Megalodon is 12-feet long and 3 3/4 ft wide
  • The 15' Megalodon is 15-feet long and 4 1/2 ft wide
  • The 12' supports 2-3 and the 15' easily supports 5-7 paddlers
  • Includes two hands pumps, center fin and stick pack
Paddle boarding is fun solo, but when you have the Megalodon you can double that fun and add a bunch more people to the equation. The multi-person paddle board can make the next surf session, river adventure, or lake trip a blast. The Megalodon is an inflatable paddle board which means it deflates to the size of a duffle bag and you can store it practically anywhere and transport it with any car or truck.

#4 –  Kammok

ISLE outdoors gift guide kammok Cost: $94 Buy Now Product Details:
  • 10-foot suspension system
  • Lightweight and breathable, tear resistant diamond ripstop fabric
  • Fully equipped with two carabiners and ready for adventure
Our Review:  We can all agree that the one of the best places to ‘hang out’ outside with a hammock. All hammocks aren’t made the same and that’s why we chose Kammok for this year’s buyers guide. With its water resistant compression sack, you can save space and pack this small bag in your backpack on any trip. The secure 10 ft. suspension system allows you to relax no matter how high you’re going to dangle! ISLE outdoors gift guide kammok

#5 – Vuori Clothing

ISLE outdoors gift guide vuori Cost: $40 - $100 Buy Now Product Details: 
  • Performance apparel for men and women
  • Inspired by an active west coast aesthetic
  • Innovative, sustainable and breathable fabrics
Our Review:  Quality clothing to support your active lifestyle is an absolute must. You need a wardrobe that will keep up with you without getting in the way during your runs, hikes, paddles and adventures. Vuori's clothing is incredibly lightweight and breathable making it the best to work up a sweat in. Many of the lines are inspired by sustainable fabrics that are good for the earth under your feet. This company has it all, whether you’re training for your next competition, heading to the Yoga studio, going for a paddle, or looking to dress for comfort & style - Vuori has the clothes for your everyday. ISLE outdoors gift guide vuori

#6 – Nixon waterpoof watch

Nixon Base Tide Nylon Cost: $100 Buy Now  Product Details:
  • Waterproof watch (300m)
  • Perfect for surfing or stand up paddle boarding
  • One size in two different colorways
Our Review:  This watch is a must-have for those who run on a schedule and have a passion for water sports. Never be late for work, an appointment or school ever again with Nixon's Base Tide Nylon waterproof watch. This watch has all the essentials including: time of day, day/date, basic high/low tide, future tide, chronograph, timer and more. The Base Tide features a comfy nylon band that uses Velcro to tighten to your wrist.

#7 – Nocqua Lights

ISLE outdoors gift guide nocqua Cost: $199 - $399 Buy Now  Product Details:
  • Designed to mount on paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes
  • Waterproof system that lights up the water around your entire board
  • 3 Models with 7 different colored Lights
Our Review:  The only downside to being on the water is not being able to paddle at night and get the same clarity as in the day. We know how rough it is in the winter when your time  on the water slowly dimishes, but don’t get discouraged as this problem can be solved with Nocqua lights. These lights are incredibly easy to install and will attach to any paddle board, kayak, or canoe. They illuminate the water creating a glassy window to the underwater world with a full circle of sight. ISLE outdoors gift guide nocqua

#8 – Engel Cooler

ISLE outdoors gift guide engel cooler Cost: $79.99 Buy Now or pick up in our San Diego Showroom Product Details:
  • Options include standing coolers, dry boxes, live bait, and backpack coolers
  • 4 colors and multiple models
  • Use for anything from camping, fishing, hiking and paddling
Our Review:  There are tons of reasons that you need a cooler, and even more reasons to not overpay for one. Engel Coolers creates all kinds of heavy duty coolers that are rugged, durable and ready to be loaded with gear. Engel has coolers in many different sizes, and are also customizable with different colors. They have standing coolers as well as backpacks so that you can never stop moving. They are high performance so you can be confident they will cool your food down or keep your catch cold before the next meal. ISLE outdoors gift guide Engel Cooler

#9 – ISLE Explorer