10 Romantic Things to Do on a Paddle Board

Posted on January 30, 2017 by Doug Robichaud

Romantic Ways to Use Your Paddle Board

There is a boatload of romantic things you can do on a stand up paddle board (SUP). Besides the typical paddle board activities (recreational paddling, SUP surfing, SUP fishing etc.), there are so many other creative ways you can use your SUP. Think outside the box and the possibilities with your paddle board are endless. We’ve been paddle boarding for over 10 years, so we’re veterans when it comes to discovering new and fun things to do on a SUP. Check out our killer list below! Don’t forget to share photos of you doing one of the fun things on our list!  Please tag your photos with #ISLEsup for a chance to be featured on our Instagram and Facebook. Stand up paddle boards

1. Picnic on a paddle board

There’s no meal like a meal enjoyed on your paddle board. Take your lunch out on the water with a few friends and enjoy a grand picnic on your paddle board(s). Paddle to your favorite spots (or explore new ones!) and set an anchor for a nice afternoon of great food and drinks. Cheers! The best paddle boards for picnics: Helinox camping chairs

2. SUP snorkeling

Who needs a boat to reach unreal snorkeling spots when you have a SUP! Paddle along the coastline with a map and discover crystal clear waters filled with an abundance of marine life. Use your SUP as a resting spot and anchor for your snorkeling endeavors. The best stand up paddle boards for snorkeling: Paddle board snorkeling

3. Sunset paddling

Hit the water with some pals an hour before sunset to enjoy Mother Nature’s spectacular end of the day finale. You don’t need to paddle far to enjoy the sunset at your local beaches. The best part about sunset paddling is that you feel super isolated from everyone. Private sunset sessions anyone? Hell yes. The best paddle boards for sunset paddling
  • Any of our SUPs will crush sunset sessions
sunset paddle boarding

4. SUP golfing

Take your golf clubs from the fairway to the water and enjoy a friendly game of SUP golfing. Check out the whole ISLE team enjoying a nice game of SUP Golf on the gorgeous Coronado Bay. What you’ll need:
  • Golf balls that float (foam or plastic practice golf balls)
  • Golf mat
  • PVC pipe to make a floating golf green
  • Anchor for SUP
  • Water caddy (switch off retrieving golf balls with friends)
NOTICE: Make sure you’re a safe distance away from people, boats, buildings, etc. Only use short distance clubs like wedges and a 9 iron to chip golf balls. Watch our video to follow SUP golfing safety. The best paddle boards for SUP golfing SUP golf

Best Inflatable Paddle Boards

5. Get married on a SUP

No one wants a boring wedding.  Begin the next chapter of life with your partner while floating on a SUP! It’s quirky for sure, but there’s nothing quite as charming as saying “yes” on a SUP. And, trust us: it has been done before. The best paddle boards for a SUP marriage Marriage on a paddle board

6. Watch fireworks on a SUP

There is no better way to watch fireworks than on a SUP. Think about the large crowds that gather on land before a big firework show. Avoid this chaos by grabbing a few paddle boards and watching the show from the sea (or lake!). Not only will you escape the crowd on land, but you will have the best seats in the house. The best paddle boards for watching the fireworks Watching fireworks on a SUP

7. SUP yoga

There are several ways you can use your SUP to exercise. One of your favorite forms of paddle exercise is SUP Yoga. SUP Yoga is extremely calming, but also acts as an intensified version of land yoga. The wind and constant motion of the water will add intensity to your practice. The best paddle boards for SUP Yoga SUP yoga

8. SUP camping

If you love camping and paddle boarding, SUP camping will be your new favorite hobby. Inflatable SUPs are perfect for camping because they are super easy to store and transport. Just like a tent, an inflatable SUP can be rolled up and stored with all your camping trip gear in your car. But, what actually defines SUP camping? SUP camping:  When you strap all your gear to your SUP, paddle to a unique destination and camp there. This could be an overnight adventure to a hardcore, multi-week expedition. The best paddle board for SUP camping SUP camping in California

9. SUP family outing

One of the best ways to spend quality time with the whole family is to go paddle boarding. Plan ahead for a weekend to make sure everyone can attend. Go local, or go somewhere and experience somewhere no one has ever been before. The best paddle boards for a SUP family outing Paddle boarding with family

10. Night paddling

Everything becomes a little more thrilling in the dark. Take a SUP out at night with lights and your paddle adventure will become a spooky treat. What you’ll need:
  • Headlamps (preferred) or flashlights
  • Flare gun (for emergency)
  • Warmer clothes
  • SUP lighting kit 
NOTE: Only paddle at locations you know like the back of your hand. Paddling at locations you have never been before at night can be very dangerous. Please do not try this. The best paddle boards for night paddling: Night Paddling 10 romantic things to do on a standup paddle board