6 Easy Health Goals to Add to Your Daily Routine

Posted on February 3, 2021 by Reed Naliboff

The start of a new year often brings an onslaught of sweeping resolutions, or at least the feeling that you should make big changes to make this new year the #bestyet. However, come mid-February, the short-term energy is gone and we’re back where we started. Unfortunate, but often true. How to avoid the slump? Good intentions require a balanced approach to make lasting changes.


This year, make attainable, realistic and affordable goals that you can actually accomplish. Not every resolution needs to be a “reach” goal. Start small, and as you succeed, you’ll gain momentum while staying centered in your approach. Here are our top health goals here — want to join in?





  1. Drink water every day. Water. It’s essential. But it’s easy to find ourselves halfway through the afternoon without having finished a single glass of water. Coffee or tea can be a nice ritual to start your day, but water should be our all day, everyday drink of choice. So, find a reusable water bottle that fits your lifestyle and aesthetic, and set your intention to hydration. Did we mention that all of our SUPs have a bungee system that can easily fit your favorite water bottle? Because they do!
  2. Spend at least 15 minutes outside every day. Fresh air and sunshine. Does it get much better than that? Time spent outdoors is rejuvenating, yet our days can slip by quickly while we stay indoors. Especially during the recent times of working from home — some of us don’t even have that short walk outdoors forced by the commute. To change this pattern, make a commitment to spending just 15 minutes outside per day. With 15 minutes, you could shift to sipping your morning coffee on the patio or stepping outside during your lunch break. Simple. Doable.
  3. True exercise at least 3 times a week. Ambitious New Year’s exercise resolutions can put us on the fast track to failure, along with everyone else crowding the gym in January. This year, aim for true exercise — meaning you get that heart rate pumping — three times each week. Not only is this an easy every-other-day rhythm, but it also gives your body time to recoup after your workouts.
  4. Move your body at least 15 minutes a day. Get your body moving at least fifteen minutes a day. Whether this is a brisk walk around the block (crossing off your outdoors and movement goals at the same time), a short session on the Peloton , or a quick yoga flow, fifteen minutes of movement will energize your body in a big way. Fit in your minutes in the morning before getting ready for your day or mid-afternoon to keep you alert and focused for the evening. If you live near a water source, you could even aim to take your paddle board out for a mini session on the water before the sun goes down on a weekday!
  5. Rest your mind for at least 20 minutes every day. When was the last time you sat completely still and did…. Nothing? In our fast-paced, often frazzled culture, resting our minds is not a big priority, but it definitely should be. So, take a break from all the multitasking, stop scrolling and carve out time, daily, to rest your mind for twenty minutes. If this is easier said than done, try a meditation app for some guidance. Soon, you’ll find that the mental health goal of spending twenty minutes resting your mind improves the rest of your day immensely.
  6. Set a screen time goal. Setting a screen time goal is another simple, measurable health goal to implement this year. We’ve all lost a lot of time to scrolling in recent years, and having healthy boundaries with our devices is undeniably important. Whether you use your phone settings to create your screen time goals or you decide to limit screen time between dinner and bedtime, you’ll find yourself with time on your hands to use for doing the things you’d rather be doing anyway.



There, you have it. A collection of attainable goals that will have you feeling accomplished, healthy and whole at the end of the day and hopefully the year! The key is knowing where you are, where you’d like to be, and what are the little steps along the way to achieving your goal. Appreciate what your body is able to do and trust the process.





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