6 Qualities Where Isle Surf & SUP Stands Out

Posted on September 25, 2015 by Austin Cox

With plenty of standup paddle board companies doing business how do you know which one to choose from? When you look beyond the marketing of each brand and you pull back the layers to see exactly what each company stands for is where you’ll find the most ideal brand. There are numerous reasons to choose Isle but below are the top 7 which we feel are the most important to you – the customer.

1)Ride it, Love it or Send it Back

Isle Surf And Sup RIDE IT LOVE IT OR RETURN IT Ride it, Love It or Send It Back! A guarantee we wish was offered by all companies on every product. There are plenty of times we have regretted buying something we thought was going perform differently than expected. Although we know you’ll be 100% satisfied with your Isle board we do offer 30 days to try it out. That means you can have the reassurance of knowing if you don’t 100% love your board you can always send it back and get all your money refunded. But again we know you’ll fall in love with it!

2) Rider Owner & Operated

Isle Surf And Sup Rider Owned And Operated Why do we have such a rad company? Why are our employees so amazing? And why are our prices so low? Well one reason is because its rider owned and operated which means WE know what YOU want because we would want the same thing from any other business. A company that isn’t run by a bunch of corporate suits is a company you can rely on and trust that you’re getting quality boards at the best price.

3) Amazing Customer Service

Isle Surf And Sup Customer Service Customer service should reflect your entire business and at Isle it’s our number #1 priority. We built our brand on customer service and we know that your only contact with us can be through our sales associates so when you have a question, a problem or just want to talk - we’re there for you! No one has a better service record than we do and we have the stats to prove it. We like to boast about our Customer Reviews where 97.8% of past customers had an amazing experience and would refer us to their family and friends. Visit our reviews, speak with one of our sales associates and after that you’ll realize why we’re the best at what we do.

4) Thoughtful Designs

Isle Surf And Sup Paddle Boards For Leisure Fitness And Surf An affordable price is good, great customer service is nice but you’re not going to buy a board if you don’t like how it looks. Fortunately we put a lot of thought into our designs and artwork when creating our boards. With the 2016 lineup we put the decision in the hands of the customers and let them pick their favorite artwork and we ran with the top choices. Like we’ve said, we want to make sure YOU get the designs YOU want so that’s why we include you in the process. Classic designs with some modern looks – The best of both worlds!

5) Publish Quality Content

Isle Surf And Sup Calorie Burn Infographic We believe if you are going to sell SUPs then you better be involved within the industry. For that reason we put a lot of research and effort into our content. The standup paddle boarding industry is still young and for that reason we explore and report on various trends, products and SUPing areas. When you visit our blog you can browse through the hundreds of articles we have on SUP Fitness, Travel, Gear Guides and lots more. We also send out a monthly newsletter with the top stories from that month!

6) Established Company- 10 Years Strong

Isle Surf And Sup Class Photo When you’ve been in business for 10 years that says a lot about a company. They look toward the future and have a proven track record of success and satisfied customers. If this wasn’t the case then we would have be gone a long time ago. Ten years in the business has allowed us to find the ultimate price and pass those savings onto YOU.

*In a nutshell, we’re a group of surfers and paddlers who love to see people stoked on our products and create memorable experiences while paddle boarding. We always put the customer first and will continue to offer quality products at the best possible price.


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