Tips on Finding the Best Paddle Board For Women

Posted on May 8, 2019 by Doug Robichaud

We’re about to state the obvious – women love stand up paddle boarding (SUP). They love the sport because it’s an amazing exercise, stress reliever, connects you with nature and did we mention it’s fun? We could go on forever about the reasons why women love stand up paddle boarding, but today we’re going to focus on helping you pick out the best women’s paddle board for yourself or your lady. ISLE Scout Inflatable Paddle Board

Choosing the best women’s paddle board

Choosing the best women’s paddle board depends on a few factors:
  • SUP construction – Do you want an epoxy, inflatable or soft top paddle board?
  • Skill level – Do you want a beginner or advanced paddle board?
  • Do you plan to paddle board on the ocean or flatwater or a mix of the two?
Once you determine these three factors, you will be able to find the best women’s paddle board for you. First, let’s start off by figuring out which paddle board construction is right for your lifestyle and needs. By the end of this blog post, you will know what the best  paddle boards for women are.

SUP construction

There are three types of SUP constructions:
  1. Epoxy Paddle Boards
  2. Inflatable Paddle Boards
  3. Soft Top Paddle Boards
So what makes these three constructions unique from one another? It’s simple. They are all created from different materials, which means each construction of paddle board will perform different from one another. Find out which SUP construction fits your lifestyle below.


Epoxy paddle boards are constructed of EPS foam with multiple layers of fiberglass and epoxy resin. These are considered traditional hard paddle boards and are very similar to the construction of a surfboard. Epoxy paddle boards are for women who want optimal performance out of their paddle board. These SUPs are agile, have the best glide and are the best choice for SUP surfing in waves, SUP racing and long-distance paddles. If you are (or think you will be) a more serious paddle boarder, than the epoxy construction will suit you perfectly. Epoxy Boards are the best SUP for Women who:
  • Want optimal performance out of their paddle board
  • Are interested in SUP surfing or SUP racing
  • Want a paddle board that will perform well in the ocean and flat water
  • Have enough room at home to store an epoxy SUP
ISLE Versa Epoxy Paddle Board


Inflatable paddle boards are paddle boards that you inflate with a pump. This construction of paddle board is rising in popularity because they are the easiest type of paddle boards to store at home and transport to and from the water because when deflated, they fit into a backpack. The technology for inflatables continues to improve. The highest quality inflatables on the market are constructed with drop stitch technology and high-density double layer, military grade PVC.  An inflatable SUP board generally has more stability than an epoxy board so is perfect for beginners who are looking to improve their practice. And believe it or not, when pumped up, inflatables are almost as rigid as an epoxy SUP. Inflatable Boards are the best SUP for Women who:
  • Are beginner paddler boarders, but are looking to improve their practice and want a board that is also great for all skill levels
  • Want to do SUP yoga
  • Want to bring kids, a dog or a friend on board with them
  • Will be paddle boarding mainly on flat water (lakes, ponds, bays and harbors)
  • Want a paddle board that is lightweight, easy to transport & store at home
ISLE Scout Inflatable Paddle Board

Soft top

Soft top paddle boards, have an epoxy core and a soft outer skin. This construction is a great choice to be used as a designated family paddle board for a lake or beach house because it provides additional protection on the deck pad for the little ones.  Additionally, the soft outer skin stands up to dings, dog claws and is great for the kids. Soft Top Foam Paddle Boards are the best SUP for Women who:
  • Have a summer beach or lake house
  • Are on budget because this is the most affordable type of paddle board
  • Are beginner paddle boarders
  • Want to bring kids, a dog or a friend on board with them
ISLE Cruiser Soft Top Paddle Board

Best selling women's paddle boards

Skill level

Beginner women’s paddle boards

A beginner women’s paddle board is super stable and easy to ride. To find a stable an easy to ride paddle board, you will need to look closely at a board’s dimensions which can be found on all of ISLE’s paddle board product pages online. As mentioned earlier, inflatables and soft top SUPs are great options for beginners because of the added stability they provide, however there are plenty of epoxy models that are great for all skill levels as well. When looking for a beginner women’s paddle board there are two dimensions that you should focus on:
  • Volume – How many liters is the board?
  • Width – How wide is the board’s deck?
A paddle board with more volume and width will ensure that you have found a great beginner paddle board that is stable and easy to ride.

Ideal volume for a beginner women’s paddle board:

Epoxy: 175 liters Inflatables: 225-275 liters Soft tops: 175 liters

Ideal width for a beginner women’s paddle board:

Width: 31-33 inches

Examples of beginner women’s paddle boards:

ISLE Pioneer Inflatable Paddle Board

Advanced women’s paddle boards

For all you women who have been enjoying paddle boarding for over a year now, you can consider yourself an advanced paddler. If you are wanting more performance out of the paddle board you currently own, it’s time for an upgrade. A beginner paddle board can restrain you from growing your skill set. Upgrading to a paddle board that is more advanced will give you the performance and speed you were missing.  Advanced women paddle boards are less wide and have less volume than beginner boards. However, beware that this tier of paddle boards will be harder to ride, however with a little practice you will be paddling like a pro in no time.

Examples of advanced women’s paddle boards:

ISLE Discovery Inflatable Paddle Board

Where you plan to SUP

The bodies of water you paddle board will dictate the type of paddle board you need. Let us explain in more detail by explaining the best SUPs for the ocean and flat water paddle boarding.

Ocean paddle boarding

The best women’s paddle boards for the ocean are epoxy paddle boards, specifically epoxy touring paddle boards. Epoxy touring paddle boards are longer, less wide and have a pointed nose with a displacement hull. A displacement hull is on the bottom of a paddle board directly under the nose. This type of hull is great for paddling through rough conditions while also improving your tracking (staying straight). The ISLE Voyager is a great example of an epoxy touring paddle board. Even though epoxy touring paddle boards are the best SUPs for the ocean, all epoxy paddle boards should handle the water just fine because of their rigidity. No matter what shape or size your epoxy is, it should be able to handle the ocean so you can fully enjoy your experience.

Flatwater paddle boarding (Lake, bay, harbor, reservoir, etc.)

Surprisingly enough, all paddle boards work well in flat water conditions. However, our favorite flat water paddle boards are inflatable paddle boards. Inflatable paddle boards are the best flat water SUPs because they are easy to transport, store, and and are super durable.

ISLE’s female employee SUP picks

Julie – Explorer

“I love the convenience and transportability of the Explorer – I can throw it in the trunk of my car and be ready to paddle anywhere, anytime. Plus, this board handles both flat and choppier conditions superbly. Whether I’m enjoying a peaceful paddle on a hidden, crystal clear mountain lake, or chasing dolphins along the shoreline of the ocean, this board never disappoints." - (Social Media Manager)

Roxy – Megalodon

“The Megalodon is perfect for those sunny days out on the bay – paddle it out, drop an anchor and relax! I personally love the 12 foot because I can paddle it with ease, and it fits up to 4 of my friends!” – Roxy (Paid Social Manager) ISLE Megalodon Inflatable Paddle Board

Keven – Glider

"The Glider is my favorite board to take out!  I love the 10’10 size – I am able to paddle the board quickly, pick it up easily and even balance to do some yoga poses.  It’s super versatile and looks so pretty out on the water!" - (Customer Service Rep)