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What COVID Taught Us This Past Year

Posted on December 7, 2021 by Reed Naliboff

The past couple of years have taken a few things from us: family members, a seat from the table, and stories we highly-esteemed. A lot of us wonder: what will the holidays look like this year? When we’re on the water, what memories will we meditate on? But more than what’s been taken away, we’ve ...

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Month of Thankfulness: Health and Wellness

Posted on November 23, 2021 by Reed Naliboff

We’re big advocates of giving thanks: to the people around us, for the moments we get to live, and for the balance of it all, but have you ever thought of giving thanks to your body? Or how giving thanks in general is good for your body? When you live a life that’s better in balance, there’s a co...

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5 Therapeutic Ways to Use Your Board

Posted on October 25, 2021 by Reed Naliboff

Let’s be real, life gets hectic at times. Work, school, family, and a hundred other things seem to come our way, but whatever it is we have going on, we all have this one thing in common: we need rest. Our bodies are tailored to need therapeutic ways to release stress, anxiety, and all the other ...

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Why Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is a Good Exercise to Maintain as You Age

Posted on April 23, 2021 by Reed Naliboff

Stand up paddle boarding is one of the very best ways to spend your time and stay healthy. Aligning healthy aerobic activity with soothing time spent in nature makes stand up paddle boarding is a balanced, accessible sport for all ages that can be enjoyed for decades. Unlike many other sports tha...

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6 Easy Health Goals to Add to Your Daily Routine

Posted on February 3, 2021 by Reed Naliboff

The start of a new year often brings an onslaught of sweeping resolutions, or at least the feeling that you should make big changes to make this new year the #bestyet. However, come mid-February, the short-term energy is gone and we’re back where we started. Unfortunate, but often true. How to av...

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Stand Up Paddle Boards That Work For Every Type of Fitness

Posted on August 31, 2020 by Grace Robinson

Prioritize fitness that is F U N. Again with the bias, but can you name a workout that is as good of a combination of a full body exercise, adventure, connection with nature, and purely enjoyable as stand up paddle boarding? SUP fitness is attainable for all skill levels and can act as a suppleme...

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How To Stay Healthy

Posted on May 29, 2020 by Grace Robinson

Fad diets and get skinny quick schemes are out. Why? Because the rise of the number of health conscious people has also brought about a shift in what “being healthy” actually means. The health conversation is no longer focused solely on people’s perception of your body. It’s an internal affair on...

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Ways That Paddle Boarding Can Relieve Stress

Posted on May 15, 2020 by Grace Robinson

Stress is a fact of life — even without the recent turmoil caused by the pandemic. While the health crisis has undoubtedly increased stress levels across the world, it’s safe to say that there’s a good chunk of us always on the lookout for “ways to relieve stress.” There are certainly many things...

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Why Paddle Boarding Is Great For Your Mental Health

Posted on January 2, 2020 by Jeff Hale

Did you know you can literally paddle the stress away? It’s no secret that exercise and meditation are great for your mental health. But meditating at home in the morning and hitting the gym after work might not be the best path toward a happier and healthier you. Perhaps this is the perfect time...

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Every Athlete Should Be Paddle Board Cross Training

Posted on December 11, 2019 by Jeff Hale

No matter what sport or physical activity you enjoy, paddle boarding is the perfect cross-training tool for you. Stand up paddle boarding is a low-impact, full-body workout with fitness benefits that can’t be denied. Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, weightlifter, or traditional multi-sport athle...

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