Getting Back Into a Routine After the Holidays

Posted on January 5, 2022 by Reed Naliboff

Routines sometimes get a bad front—doing the same thing over and over again can often seem mundane, boring, and not as thrill-seeking. But when something like the word “routine” becomes stagnant, we like to re-center our perspective. What if routines were the doorway to the many little adventures in our day-to-day lives? What if your routine became not just a to-do list to check off everyday, but a set of sustainable habits that lead you to a life that’s more in balance?


The time after the holidays tends to feel more difficult as we try to get back into our daily habits. We often feel sluggish, super-inspired, not-inspired, or everything in between. Nonetheless, your paddle board is a great way to implement small and big goals alike into your everyday routine. We’re sharing some ways you can re-approach the concept of a routine with your SUP, both by following a routine, and sometimes by breaking one, to live a life that’s better in balance.


When you go to the doctor for a general checkup, there are three main things most doctors will ask if you’re getting enough of, and those three things are: food, exercise, and sleep. We spend our days constantly working; whether that’s working our bodies tirelessly when we work, or running our minds thinking of all the things we have to do. So, when the doctor tends to ask about diet, exercise, and sleep, these core cornerstones to a healthy life, often feel like something we have to add to our checklist.


Exercise is now a slot in our day that we must schedule, food is something we have to plan out, and sleep tapers on and off between inconsistency and consistency. So what do all of these factors have in common? They are fueling our body with movement and rest alike. We’re big fans of living outside a routine so life doesn’t become stagnant and stale, but we’re also big fans of a routine that’s looked at differently, one that adds value to the everyday mundane tasks that aren’t as ordinary as you may think.


Approaching a routine with your SUP is a great way to address core things our bodies need to live a healthy life. For one, a morning or evening paddle is something we recommend to everyone, no matter their skill level, because it allows for intentional time away from distractions. When you intentionally block out time in your schedule to rest, recover, and decompress, you positively impact your health by making less room for stress, and more room for relaxation.


Within this intentional time, you can meditate, pray, write in a journal, or simply paddle and connect to the water beneath you. By adding a paddle to your daily or weekly routine, you start to build sustainable habits that prove to be consistent throughout the year. You can start out by doing this twice a week, then three times, and eventually everyday if you’re up for it!

Another way to use your SUP in your daily routine is by integrating exercise. Experts at Healthline note that there are many benefits to exercise such as: weight loss, building muscle and bone strength, increased energy levels, reduced risk of chronic disease, and even increased brain health and memory among other benefits. With your SUP alone, there are many fitness activities you can integrate into your routine to reach your health and wellness goals. You can try SUP yoga, SUP surfing, SUP fishing, a distance paddle, and strength training, starting off with small goals, and then going up from there.