How to Enhance Your Love Life with a SUP

Posted on August 7, 2018 by Doug Robichaud

It's time to step up your game

There are so many ways you can enhance your love life. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, it’s key to find an activity that will consistently impress your date or significant other. From experience, we have an outdoor activity that is destined to flatter your partner, stand up paddle boarding (SUP). If you’re interested in creating intimate and romantic outdoor experiences on the regular, paddle boarding will be your key to someone’s heart. But before you run off with this idea, you must know that it’s all about the execution. Below, we list the 5 ways you can use a paddle board to enhance your love life. How to Enhance Your Love Life with a SUP

1. You must pick a stunning spot

It’s mandatory that you find the most beautiful spot to take that special someone to go paddle boarding. Stay away from mosquito infested marshes and find a calm bay that overlooks a jaw dropping view. If you don’t already have a place in mind, do some research or drive around your area to find the perfect spot. The more epic your paddle spot is, the more impressed your partner will be with your taste in scenery. Things to keep in mind when picking a spot:
  • Does it have easy access? Is it a far walk from parking?
  • Sunrise and sunset are the best time to paddle because of afternoon winds and you avoid crowds
  • Monitor the weather forecast for this area to make sure it’s not going to rain or be windy
  • Make sure the spot you pick is safe and not illegal to paddle
How to Enhance Your Love Life with a SUP

2. Picnic on the water

Once you have an epic spot to paddle, it’s time to charm your date with some good wine, appetizers and some warm cuddles. If you didn’t know, most paddle boards can fit up to two people (5-7 with the Megalodon) and still have enough space to comfortably have a picnic. If you are worried that your SUP is too small, you could take two paddle boards out, but with less opportunity for cuddles. Romantic items you can pack:
  • Wine (don’t forget a wine opener)
  • Plastic wine glasses
  • Cheese & crackers, vegetables & dip
  • Salads
  • Blanket
  • Water
Pro tip: Bring a cooler on board with you to hold all your snacks and drinks. How to Enhance Your Love Life with a SUP

3. The gondola experience

Reenact a sentimental gondola ride through the canals of Venice with a paddle board. Instead of paddling the canals Venice, you will be paddling your lover on a paddle board around your most cherished local spots. Be their tour guide and guide them down the inlet of intimacy. As mentioned earlier, most paddle boards can fit an extra person on board so one person can relax up front while one person navigates the waters wooing the girl one paddle stroke at a time. How to Enhance Your Love Life with a SUP

4. She said “yes!”

Is paddle boarding you and your lover’s favorite way to spend time together? If you’re thinking he/she is the one, maybe you could propose to them on a paddle board. Maybe you could even get married on your SUPs. We know a couple that did this. See their SUP wedding photos here. How to Enhance Your Love Life with a SUP  


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