Nature as Our Therapy

Posted on January 30, 2024 by Colette Goh

Drink water. Meditate. Journal. Stretch. Workout. Eat protein. Don’t forget vegetables. Cut sugar. Hydrate again. Commute. Listen to that podcast about productivity hacks. Work. Have dinner with your family. Walk the dog. Reply to texts. Get off social media. Sleep. Repeat. 

Does this sound at all familiar? Sometimes the pursuit of a healthy life can feel like a grind. You want to feel less stressed and overwhelmed.  

You’ve probably heard about some of the physical benefits of paddle sports like increased aerobic fitness, balance, and core and arm strength. But have you ever thought about the mental and wellness benefits? 

Here at ISLE we believe that life is Better in Balance. And we’re proud to make products that not only keep you active and strong but help with your overall wellness. Whether you’re surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking or floating, you can fully immerse yourself in nature and escape the stresses of daily life. You can find solace, peace, and connection by taking to the water.

Sounds too good to be true?

Let’s set the scene: you’ve just launched your kayak and taken the first stroke and started paddling. You take a deep breath of fresh, salty air and feel spray on your face. You hear a few birds calling faintly in the distance, and the sound of waves crashing on the shore. Your kayak cuts through the water easily and you feel the water push past you. 

Everything looks different from here. The horizon stretches before you. Your town seems far away and insignificant. So do your worries. You notice how the passing clouds cast shadows on the water, changing the reflection from steely gray to dark blue. As you get farther from shore, it’s like someone has turned the volume down on the thoughts that pile up in your mind. Slowly you feel the tension melt away as you relax into and connect with your natural surroundings.

You too can escape and use nature as therapy.

Let’s dive in. 

Paddle Sports are Perfect for Self-Care

All of us need breaks from work and responsibilities so that we can recharge. When you think of self-care, what do you envision? For some, you might think of a spa day, or a face mask in the bath. But how about self-care for the active adventurer?

Have you ever thought of how paddle sports are a perfect way to recharge? Grab your paddle boards, kayak, or float. Find your favorite body of water. Practice yoga downward dog on your SUP. Pack a picnic and kayak to your favorite island. Cast a fishing line. Float and feel the sun on your face. 

Leave the world (and your phone) behind. Say goodbye to the notifications, things to do, invites, texts. And move your body just for the joy of it. 

Paddle Sports Reduce Stress

Have you heard of the term to be “in flow” or “flow state”? It’s the mental state achieved when a person performs a task or activity that they enjoy so wholeheartedly that they lose track of time, self-consciousness, and anything else besides completing the task at hand. 

When you’re surfing, touring, kayaking, or paddle boarding, all of these activities can lead to flow state. Whether it’s the repeated, rhythmic nature of paddling and touring or the physicality and concentration it takes to surf, all of these activities require full mindfulness and can lead to flow.

By immersing yourself in these paddle sports, you can focus on an activity that you love, while releasing the stress and tension of daily life. Immerse yourself in nature. Relax and heal. Consider it free therapy.

And for all those extroverts out there - don’t worry, you don’t have to do it solo. Use paddle sports as a way to reconnect with loved ones. Bring your pup, your kids, or your best friend. After all, spending time with those you love increases dopamine and reduces stress.

Paddle Sports Lead to Adventure 

Think of surfing, touring, paddle boarding and fishing - not only are they eco-friendly outdoor activities and lifelong passions but they also can lead you to the most scenic and unique places in the world.

When you go to your gym and lift weights, it can feel monotonous. It’s the same place, same fluorescent lighting, and the same soundtrack blaring on speakers. 

But when you go on a water adventure, nothing ever is the same. The weather and seasons change. You spot wildlife that you’ve never seen before. The air smells different. The currents shift. 

So grab your surfboard, paddleboard or kayak. Pull up Google Maps and paddle where you’ve never been before. The world is your oyster.

Paddle Sports Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

Finally, paddle sports are a way to help you improve your overall health. When you regularly surf, kayak, paddle, or tour, you improve your cardio endurance and your core and arm strength.

Combine the physical with the mental and wellbeing benefits and you can see that paddle sports are an incredible way to improve your health and overall quality of life.

When you are physically and mentally well, you are empowered to take on life. Your friends, family, and community all benefit from an invigorated and revitalized version of you.

So in conclusion, don’t think about paddle sports and surfing as just a recreational activity. Think of it as a way to find balance in your life and improve physical and mental wellness. Think of nature as a free way to seek healing, respite, therapy, and joy.

And because we so firmly believe in the power of nature to heal ourselves and our communities, ISLE is committing to 1% for the Planet. 1% of our revenue is donated to environmental causes, so that we can safeguard the future of our natural environment for future generations. For more info, please check out our About Us Page.