Paddle Boarding on Makena Beach, Hawaii

Posted on December 3, 2020 by Grace Robinson

From Stephen Lloyd at Saltshine Creative

A saying I like to go by is, “early to bed, early to rise.” I’m one hell of a morning person (up like toast) in contrast to the stillness of the morning I quite enjoy. 

From the cool air, to the calm ocean breeze, the glassy ocean water is the final element in the picturesque morning scene. Dependably calming, every time. Hence, why I like the saying.

When planning this photoshoot, I knew I wanted to capture the peaceful essence of the morning, in the photos. My fiance and partner, Alexa joined me in the water. 

For this photoshoot, we planned on going to the world-famous beach, Makena Beach on the south shore of Maui. Makena Beach is the largest undeveloped beach on Maui and stretches over 2/3 of a mile long of white sand. It’s perfect for paddling because it’s protected by the trade winds, tucked between two black lava rock crossings. Might I add, it also has great views of Molokini and Kahoolawe.  

If you find yourself on the island of Maui, be sure to head to the South Shores for some ideal paddle boarding. If you’re there as dawn rolls in, be sure to snap a pic. I’m sure it will turn out epic!