Stand Up Paddle Boards That Work For Every Type of Fitness

Posted on August 31, 2020 by Grace Robinson

Prioritize fitness that is F U N. Again with the bias, but can you name a workout that is as good of a combination of a full body exercise, adventure, connection with nature, and purely enjoyable as stand up paddle boarding? 

SUP fitness is attainable for all skill levels and can act as a supplementary workout to your routine. It allows you to reach your athletic goals in a fresh way while enjoying the great outdoors. 

Stand up paddle boarding is an activity that engages your entire body, so there are many benefits to SUP fitness. To name a few — SUP can be a high calorie burn workout, a boost to endurance and balance, a core and upper body strength builder, and even a muscle reliever and stretch activity. 

Whatever your athletic goals, motivations, and interests may be, there is a SUP workout for you! Depending on the type of workout you plan to do, you’ll want to choose your board accordingly. For example, I for one am not trying to balance a tree pose on the Voyager. But props to your core strength if you can. We have compiled the best SUPs to fit your workout:

stand up paddleboard yoga

SUP Yoga

Get connected with nature while practicing SUP yoga. This popular workout is perfect for a recovery day, cross training, or to add as a new challenge. If you're not sure where to start, try out these poses to get comfortable on your board. Practicing on an unstable surface will boost your routine, engage your core, and get you to that coveted experienced yogi status.

Scout Inflatable Paddle Board was built with SUP yoga in mind. The round nose design and full deck traction pad lets you do any pose with extra stability. Use the side holder to safely stow your paddle while practicing your poses.

Pioneer Inflatable Paddle Board has a wide base which gives you the room to do any pose while balancing with ease. This board is perfect for a beginner or a seasoned SUP yogi. 
Cruiser Paddle Board is lightweight and durable. The soft top design makes it easy on the knees and feet so you can SUP yoga all day.

stand up paddldboard exercise

Strength Training with a Stand Up Paddle Board

Getting tired of lifting weights at the gym? Paddling is a fun way to cross train in a new environment. Don’t worry about having to compromise on your fitness goals, paddling and bodyweight exercises like planking target the core and upper body to build strength. Try switching up the sides you paddle on to really engage all of your obliques and have an even bicep workout. 

Although it may be challenging at first, after your first few rides you will also notice your stamina and endurance strengthening as you progress. 

Outpost Paddle Board is built durable enough to handle your longest rides and toughest workouts. The full deck traction pad lets you ride with balance and confidence at any skill level.
Versa Paddle Board can take you anywhere while easily maneuvering through calm water for casual exercise or choppy surf for a greater intensity workout.  

High Intensity Workouts on a SUP

SUP racing provides a high intensity workout that helps you burn calories fast. SUP touring allows you to cover long distances to build strength and endurance. These advanced SUP workouts are a great way to challenge yourself, compete with others, and get into shape. 

Voyager Paddle Board is perfect for touring with a pointed nose that allows you to keep speed while shredding through water. 

Explorer Inflatable Paddle Board is suitable for long expeditions and fast-paced workouts. This SUP is loved by paddlers of all skill levels. 

SUP Recreationally

You don’t have to be a total fitness junkie to enjoy the benefits of a good SUP workout. Here are a couple beginner stand up paddle boards for those who love a casual SUP ride, getting active, and connecting with the outdoors. 

Megalodon Inflatable Paddle Board is a large scale, multi-person SUP that brings all the fun to your next outdoor adventure. 

Explorer Inflatable Paddle Board can be easily packed up and inflated at any destination. Peak your wanderlust with an activity that keeps you fit.

Don’t Forget — SUP is a Workout

Whichever board or workout you choose, you’re practically guaranteed to feel that earned, post workout satisfaction following your ride and see gains over time. 

As with any good workout, don’t forget to stay hydrated! It can be hard to notice how much you’re sweating when you’re working out in water. 

Additionally, we recommend pre and post ride stretches, as you would with any gym workout. Check out these warm ups and stretches to get the most out of your workout and treat your body well. Enjoy your ride!


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