The Secret to Paddle Boarding at Night

Posted on February 15, 2018 by Doug Robichaud

Make your SUP glow at night

We are giving you permission to do your happy dance – there are now lights you can buy that will make your paddle board glow at night. From disco mode to seeing marine life at the bottom of the sea in the dead of night, these SUP lights will lead you and your paddle crew somewhere new. Let there be light! This is How to Paddle Board at Night with Lights

How to SUP at night

We use Nocqua LED lights to SUP at night (as seen in the images below). Nocqua lights are lightweight and easy to set up on any type of paddle board. Doesn’t matter which board model you have –  inflatable, hard or soft top – Nocqua lights will fit any type of SUP (or even your Kayak). Nocqua offers three different lighting options:
  1. Pro Series Spectrum
  2. Pro Series 2000
  3. Sports Edition
  This is How to Paddle Board at Night with Lights

Pro Series Spectrum

This setup offers 7 colors and 3 different modes to choose from, while conveniently being able to change them while you’re on the water. The set includes a switch which allows you to choose between red, blue, green, orange, aqua, purple, low white, and bright white. In addition, there are other modes which include 5 second color hold, Party Strobe mode and SOS strobe. Shop Pro Series Spectrum This is How to Paddle Board at Night with Lights

Pro Series 2000

This setup is much more basic than the Spectrum. Instead of an array of colors to choose from, these lights produce 2000 lumens of brilliant white light under your board. If you like keeping things simple and don’t want the stress of switching up colors, then this setup is will be the best choice for you. Shop Pro Series 2000 This is How to Paddle Board at Night with Lights

What to bring

  • Headlight so boaters can see you
  • Water bottle
  • Waterproof Bluetooth speaker
  • Snacks
  • Waterproof camera or phone case
  • PFD
  • Whistle 

Safety tips

1. Location It's important to pick a safe location when paddle boarding at night. Avoid paddling in the ocean at night because it's unpredictable and  you face some serious threats when dealing with limited visibility. The best locations to paddle at night are bays, lakes or harbors. Always make sure to check the regulations of wherever you decide to go to ensure that paddling is allowed during off-hours. 2. Bring a buddy or crew Never paddle board at night without a buddy or crew of friends. In case of an emergency, having assistance can be the difference between life and death. It’s better to be safe than sorry. And sure, paddling solo is therapeutic, but paddling at night sounds way more fun with a group of friends that all have different colored lights. This is How to Paddle Board at Night with Lights 3. Lights are mandatory A paddle board is considered a vessel and it is required by law to have an extra light (headlights are perfect) on your SUP with you. The last thing you want on your epic nighttime paddle is to get a ticket.

SUP Night Light Tours

If you want to try paddle board at night with lights before you make the purchase, there are some tours available in Southern California. Pirate Coast Paddle Company – Newport Beach, CA Bike & Kayak Tours –Coronado, CA


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