Gift a Paddle Board This Season!

Posted on September 30, 2020 by Grace Robinson

Having a hard time finding a holiday gift for your family, friends, or kids? Ride into the season with presents sure to be loved by everyone on your list. From Hanukkah to Christmas and all of the celebrations in between, you can win at gift giving this year with a quality present that also encourages the recipient to focus beyond the material on positive life experiences! 

Combine quality time, exercise, personal growth and adventure all in one sweet gift with a top-quality stand up paddle board. 

Spend Quality Time on the Water with Friends and Family

Take a break from the busy workweek and strengthen the relationships with those you love. Owning a SUP allows you to amp up on quality time by hitting the water with friends and family. With the gift of a stand up paddle board you can create the memories of a family day on the water, a peaceful floating picnic with a partner, or a fishing trip with friends.  

We know it can be a challenge to bring the kids along for the ride. With our family-sized paddle boards, take comfort in teaching your young ones how to get on the water with confidence. 

The Megalodon Multi-Person Inflatable Board was made to spend a day on the water surrounded by good company. The extra large deck and additional grab handles make it easy to bring friends and kids on board.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Can be the Ultimate Workout

There’s a stand up paddle board workout for every interest. Focus on core strength and balance with a group SUP yoga session or challenge yourself with fast paced rides and race with friends to build muscle and burn calories quickly. 

If you are looking for toning and strength training activities try riding through choppy waters for a greater intensity workout.

Our Outpost Paddle Board was designed with extra durability in mind to keep up with active lifestyles. The full deck traction allows the board to be enjoyed at any level of paddle boarding experience and to keep you onboard while you’re cutting through the waves. 

Encourage A Balanced Lifestyle by Gifting a SUP 

Water adventures on a stand up paddle board are about more than having fun. They provide the opportunity to focus on the important aspects of life. Your special someone will definitely benefit from a gift that encourages the balance of mind, body, and soul. 

Stand up paddle boarding not only boosts overall fitness while building endurance, but promotes stress relief and relaxation too.

Bring a loved one along for a paddle board yoga session or a quiet morning on the water. Take the time to focus on your overall wellness while building a connection with nature and enjoying the fresh air. 

The Explorer Inflatable Paddle Board was made ready to take on lengthy rides. Travel-friendly and portable, it’s design lets you soak up extended time in nature with long rides surrounded by beautiful scenery. 

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is Always an Adventure

There’s nothing quite like exploring the outdoors with friends and family. When planning your next getaway be sure to take your stand up paddle board for everyone to enjoy. Your inner-adventurer will soon be brought out as you explore local waters on long sightseeing rides. 

Don’t forget to bring man’s best friend along for the ride too! You’ll love these smiling pups enjoying a day on the water with their pet parents. 

Our Scout Inflatable Paddle Board is equipped to handle any task. The paddle holder and two 4 point bungees secure all of your gear while you enjoy SUP yoga, fishing, or other activities. Plus, the deck is large enough to bring along your dog, kids, or even another paddler. 

Don’t Forget the Paddle Board Accessories! 

If those on your list already own a stand up paddle board, make sure they’re outfitted with all of the best accessories to make their SUP adventures even greater. 

Carbon 3 Piece Adjustable Paddle - Extra paddles make great gifts for those who want to bring friends and family along for the ride. This ultra durable 3 piece paddle can be broken down to a travel-friendly size and boasts an adjustable shaft to fit any riders height. 

Inflatable Belt Pack Life Jacket - Prioritize the safety of your loved ones. This U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket folds comfortably around the waist and lets you move freely as you paddle. If needed, the rider can easily inflate by pulling the tab and placing the jacket over their head.

Paddle Board Day Bag - Protect their epoxy SUP from heat and everyday wear and tear. The day bag’s shoulder strap and carry handle let them bring their stand up paddle board anywhere with ease.

12v Electric iSUP Pump - This pump is a must-have for any inflatable paddle board owner. Simply plug the pump into your car for a quick inflate and spend more time on the water. 

Now that you have found a gift for everyone on your list, don’t forget to make your wish list too. Which stand up paddle board and accessories are you going to ask for this holiday season? 


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