Top Health Benefits of Paddle Boarding

Posted on November 30, 2017 by Doug Robichaud

Is Stand Up Paddle Boarding A Good Exercise?

Stand up paddle boarding is an amazing low-impact exercise that is a combinatino of balance, strength, and endurance. Stand up paddle boarding utilizes your core, back, arms, and leg muscles for a full body workout, all while allowing you to enjoy the tranquil experience of being on the water. No matter how old you are or what your fitness level is, paddle boarding is simple to learn and can help you get in the best shape of your life. Not only do you burn tons of calories, but it also gets you outdoors and calms your spirit. Below we list the top 5 health benefits of paddle boarding. Time to place your inhibitions aside and start cruising on a SUP. Cruiser Soft Top Paddle Board

1. You will get in shape

Paddle boarding is an all-body workout. Almost every muscle in your body is used when paddle boarding. Your core, back and leg muscles are constantly maintaining balance, while your arms, back and shoulders are engaged when propelling your paddle board through the water. Paddle boarding can burn more calories in an hour than most sports because it incorporates all the key elements of a full-body workout: strength, balance, core and endurance. Whether you are SUP surfing, racing or recreational paddling, you're guaranteed to get a solid workout. Discovery Inflatable Paddle Board

2. Stress relief

When you’re feeling stressed, hop on a paddle board and put all your worries to rest. Water works as an all-natural healing remedy for the body, and guess what – so does exercise. Now include the tranquil sounds of your board gliding across glassy waters, the rhythm of your stroke & breath, and your day-to-day stresses will slowly melt away. Scout Inflatable Paddle Board

3. Connect with nature

Think about it like this – every time you go paddle boarding, you're outdoors. There are so many beautiful places you can take your paddle board. The possibilities are endless. From the beach to the mountains, you will forge a stronger connection between you and Mother Nature. Voyager Paddle Board

Best stand up paddle boards

4. Boost your endurance & stamina

There’s a common misconception about boosting your endurance and stamina. Endurance and stamina are not built solely through cardio exercise, but are also built through strengthening exercises. Luckily, paddle boarding is not only a cardio exercise, but also builds strength in your upper body, core and legs. There’s your solved endurance and stamina equation folks. Versa Paddle Board

5. Improves your balance 

There's no doubt that paddle boarding requires balance. In order for you to successfully paddle board, you need to stand upright on your board while floating on water. The act of balancing on a paddle board will increase your core and leg strength. Paddle boarding will not only help improve your balance, but also will help improve your focus on the day-to-day activities of your life. Megalodon Paddle Board


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