Which Style SUP is Right for You?

Posted on July 6, 2020 by Julie Riggert


Anyone else in quarantine finding themselves daydreaming about gliding through sparkling waterways, breathing in the fresh air and getting a full-body workout outside of your home? 

Yeah, us too. 

Turns out, paddle boarding is a great way to boost your mental and physical health, while still maintaining social distancing. Depending on what your skill level and intended activities are, you’ve got various paddle board options to chose from - so we’ve put together a quick guide so you’ll know which of our SUPs is right for your next adventure.

Best Stand Up Paddle Boards for Beginners

If you want to explore uncharted territory like a pro, without being a pro, the Pioneer is a great entry-level board. At 10’6” and only 24 pounds, this inflatable paddle board is super lightweight, easy to learn and durable enough to withstand all kinds of paddle board activities.  

Another great beginner board is the lightweight Versa. This epoxy board is super stable and the all around shape makes it extremely versatile. Any skill level can ride, whether you’re SUP surfing, fishing or doing yoga. 

Best Stand Up Paddle Boards for Advanced Paddlers

If you want to take your paddle boarding to the next level, a touring board will work for fitness training, long distance paddles or if you just have the need for speed. Take a trip on the wooden Voyager SUP: Pack your bags and bring them with you - this board has plenty of bungee cord touch points -and take in the scenery around you from your own floating palace.

The Perfect Stand Up Paddle Board for Rigorous Activity 

If you’re looking for a paddle board that is so indestructible, even Chuck Norris would be jealous, the Outpost paddle board a good fit for you. It’s made with a layer of thermomolded polycarbonate and  a shock-absorbing rail bumper that’s made to withstand abuse. So if you’re a rough and tumble paddler, or if you are sharing this board with multiple people, it’s ready to take a steady pounding.

The Perfect Stand Up Paddle Board for Yoga and Fitness 

If you’ve ever wanted to try a fitness routine on the water, the lightweight Scout paddle board has a spacious traction pad for yoga, Pilates or other strength training exercise. There is also plenty of storage for snacks and drinks which means you can stay on the water long after your workout. Cheers! 

Have questions about any of our products? Contact us today and a friendly associate will be happy to help! Stay safe out there and enjoy the ride. 


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