7 Reasons Why We Love the Cruiser Soft Top SUP

Posted on September 21, 2020 by Julie Riggert

Raise your hand if you need a mental and physical getaway.

It’s time to invest in your health without breaking the bank. What’s our favorite health investment? The Cruiser Soft Sop SUP! With a soft outer skin combined with the performance of an epoxy board, the Cruiser stays true to its name —the ideal board for a leisurely cruise to escape the stressors of daily life. 

No experience on an SUP? No problem! The Cruiser is very beginner-friendly, family-friendly and even dog friendly!

Here are 7 reasons why people are LOVING the Cruiser:

1. Unique Construction

What makes the Cruiser so unique? It is the only soft-top construction board in our lineup. What do we mean by soft top? It has a full grip, soft, deck pad that covers the entire board (not just the deck!) and a layer of cushion for a comfortable cruise for any level rider. There is also more space for more passengers, including your pup!

2. Family Friendly

This board is great for sunset paddle sessions with the family, relaxing vacations and everyday exercise on the water. Kids and adults alike will find something to love about this board. It allows you to experience the water in an entirely new way—and connect to your loved ones without a device in sight!

3. Dog Friendly

The full grip deck pad even stands up to Fido’s doggie claws and won’t scratch or ding, so strap a life vest on your pup and have him enjoy a leisurely paddle with you under the sun. 

4. All-Around Versatility

The all around shape of this board means versatile performance. You can do yoga, go fishing, ride with pets, family or use it for a full-body workout! Ride in the ocean, on the bay, in lagoons, lakes, inlets, rivers; you can take this board anywhere

5. Full Grip Deck Pad

The full grip deck pad stands up to damage like dings, scrapes, and dents. It’s strong as nails but soft on your feet and knees so you can cut through the waves in comfort.

6. Durability

The Cruiser is designed with super durable soft-top construction using composite soft technology that consists of three layers: foam EPS, fiberglass and a layer of textured padding. The soft outer shell makes it much more ding resistant than a standard epoxy board. 

7. Price Point

At $745, the Cruiser is a small price to pay for years of mental and physical health benefits. The freedom and peace that even a few hours on this paddle board can bring is the reason why people are buying these boards like crazy! There are also payment plan choices with our partner Affirm for payments as little as $70 per month. 

Like every board in our fleet, the Cruiser is built with quality materials so it will last for many memories to come! 


“I’m really loving this board! I have had it in both smooth and choppy water on the lake with some waves being very large. The board handles extremely well. I’ve yet to feel unbalanced even while riding through large boat wakes. My last time out, I had to paddle a long distance in a strong headwind. Surprisingly, the board still made good headway.” – Lisa R. 




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