Isle Retail Store Manager: Employee Spotlight with Jake Kreiss

Posted on March 10, 2015 by Marc Miller

ISLE Retail Store Manager: Employee Spotlight with Jake Kreiss

We would like to introduce our newest member to the Isle family, Jake Kreiss. Jake is our ISLE San Diego Retail Store manager and knowledgeable board expert. Originally from Sunnyvale, CA he recently moved down to San Diego in pursuit of good waves and better weather! We’re happy to have Jake on our team due to his hard work ethic and board expertise accumulated from 11 years of surfing.


Jake is a true outdoorsmen and his normal day consists of paddle board fishing in the morning, working through the day and ending it with a sunset surf, then repeat. If you make your way into our San Diego Retail Store you’ll definitely get to meet Jake and he’ll help guide you into the perfect board design specifically for you.


How long have you worked for ISLE?

Since October, 2014

Where is your favorite surfing or paddling spot?

Oahu, Hi

What is your favorite Isle board?

5’10” ISLE Quad Fish or the 9’2 Phantom Diamond Tail SUP

Do you have any secret talents?

  • Tend to catch fish that are always much bigger when I’m fishing alone

When you’re not surfing or paddle boarding, you are?

SUP Fishing or playing drums and guitar making great music!

What is your favorite burrito?

Any burrito is my favorite burrito but if I had to pick one, Surf N’ Turf!






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