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Posted on November 13, 2020 by Julie Riggert

Our lives – particularly right now – are all about finding balance. We get it, because we’re all about balance as well.

Stand up paddle boarding is about physical balance, yes, but it’s also about finding that place where your mind, body, and soul connect. Whether you’re a beginner looking to try it out, or an expert on the open water, we’ve made it our mission to enable riders of all skill levels to embark on their own paddle boarding adventure to explore themselves and the world around them.

To find your balance and get the most out of your SUP, you’ll want to think about what you want to do on your board. Where do you want to go? What are you hoping to achieve? Who will you be sharing the experience with? Once you reflect on those questions, the answers will lead you to the perfect board for you.

To help you get started, here are some of our best-selling boards!

Woman paddling on SUP with mountains behind

Best Selling Inflatable: The Pioneer

The most popular board in our entire line up, the Pioneer is built to encourage anyone – no matter their skill level – to get out on the water. Whether you take it out for a fishing trip after a long week at work, practice yoga to reset your mind or take the kids out for some much-needed quality time, the Pioneer is there to help you find your balance.

The wide body of the Pioneer makes it an extra stable SUP and a great option for beginners, but the sturdy structure, easy portability, varied storage space, and maximum traction also help widen the scope of potential activities for the more experienced paddlers.

This all-around inflatable paddle board is perfect for a leisure paddle or fishing expedition, as well as yoga and other forms of exercise. It’s great in all types of water conditions, and what’s even better is that its width lends extra balance, which allows it to support a ride along dog, child or additional rider.

Customer Reviews:

"Love our Pioneers! Great board, excellent stability, and most of all, fun!" - Gary B.

woman standing on SUP

Best Selling Soft Top: The Cruiser

The Cruiser was designed for the adventurer who just wants to grab their board and go – no assembly required. Another great board for beginners, the Cruiser gets you from home to water in record time. And, for those with little tadpoles that want to ride along, the croc skin top layer and full deck grip pad make it easier than ever to teach kids how to SUP – without worrying about slipping.

The Cruiser is the ultimate soft top paddle board. With the performance of an epoxy SUP, the durability of an inflatable SUP, and the stability to cut through any choppy waters, it’s a no brainer for anyone looking to begin paddle boarding.

Customer reviews:

"Beautiful boards. Lightweight and easy to carry. They shipped quickly and we were kept up to date on delivery. Very happy with this purchase." -Elizabeth F.

woman sitting on SUP

Best Selling Epoxy: The Versa

The Versa is for the paddler who wants to do it all. Life is full of different adventures, and the Versa will be there for all of them. Surfing in Santa Cruz? Grab your Versa. Fishing in the Florida Keys? Grab your Versa. Paddle boarding on Lake Tahoe? You guessed it, grab your Versa.

The Versa is the most versatile stand up paddle board in the epoxy board collection. It offers an easy, stable ride that will help develop your paddling skills, and provides balance and comfort on any stand up paddle board excursion. And when you’re ready to take your board to the waves, the Versa has an additional raised stop tail pad for maneuverability and center arch support for maximum grip.

Customer Reviews:

“Beautiful, steady, light to carry, strongly built.” - Cristina T.


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