Think Beyond The Board


Discover a world where balance meets movement, and fun is born from the heart of curiosity with our new Play Series. Experience the thrill of an inflatable world that is modular and crafted to adapt to your idea of waterside adventure. Each product is designed with the innovative ISLE Link system, allowing you to create your own unique water playground. Dive into laughter, spark playfulness, and let your smiles flow freely with the rhythm beneath you. The Play Series is more than just a collection; it's a new way to spark your inner kid again and it's an invitation to redefine what "Play" means to you. So, why wait? Go Ahead and Play.

ISLE Play Series


Its elongated design, offers unique on and off water functionality, complementing the Base Camp as an inflatable dock for unending enjoyment. Doubling as a 2-person lounger, a fun "king of the dock" for kids, or a backyard slip-n-slide for both pool or grass, it infuses versatility into fun activities.


Versatile, portable dock designed for easy installation at the lake house, and can also serve as a backyard slip-n-slide, pool float, or double lounger, and a clean, comfortable campsite platform. It's the ultimate "home base" for both water and land activities, perfect for the backyard or campsite.


The Tube-O-Line was designed to chill and thrill.  Chill with friends and family tube-style on the lake or river. Flip it over and match with our BaseCamp or Runway Dock using the ISLE-LINK system to create a mini-waterpark (at the lake or pool) for the kids.


Ensures your dog's independence on the water, facilitating effortless re-boarding onto docks, paddle boards, kayaks, and boats. It allows you to relax and enjoy, secure in the knowledge that your pet can easily return on board, eliminating the need for you to physically assist your wet pet back onto the deck.


At ISLE, we understand that "Play" is personal - it means something different and special to each of us. Whether it's a water-bound adventure for the kids, an afternoon lounging for adults, or a community gathering, our collection is designed to maximize the value of your purchase with its multi-use capabilities.

Play Your Way

The definition of 'Play' is defined by you - this belief inspired us to create the Play Series, where we blend fun, fitness, and relaxation on water. Each element of our collection is more than a product; it's an invitation to create your own unique waterside playground.

Create Your ISLE

Our patent-pending ISLE-LINK system, designed for seamless compatibility with the ISLE Kayak Seat, perfect for lounging or a little bit of water adventure. Our connector straps allow modular connection for multiple docks to be linked together, letting you create a custom layout to suit your vision of play.

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