Honoring Those Who Served And Sacrificed

Posted on November 10, 2022 by Reed Naliboff

We wouldn’t be who we are without the support we receive from all of our customers. Our legacy and heritage as a brand is built upon the hearts of every single person who has paddled or surfed on one of our boards, day in and day out, including our veterans. This Veterans Day week we want to voice our gratitude to every veteran and their families, who have served and sacrificed throughout the years.



Folds Of Honor

This Veterans Day week, we're partnering with Folds of Honor, a nonprofit that provides scholarships to the families of our fallen or disabled military members and first responders. The mission of Folds of Honor is not only special to us because we care for our military and first responders, but we also carry a close kinship with our local servicemen who give and gave so much to us. For this reason, a percentage of every sale this week will directly go toward funding a scholarship for a San Diego based family.


As servicemen and women go on to serve our country, there are families left behind who sacrifice time and moments spent with their loved ones. For this reason, Folds of Honor recognizes the special gift that is education and opportunities that come with higher education. The scholarships granted by Folds of Honor help to lift the financial burden off of the families of these service members and first responders so that they can pursue all of their educational pursuits.


To date, Folds of Honor has granted around 44,000 scholarships to families in need and with your help, we’ll be partnering together to grant another family the opportunity to fulfill their educational dreams. To learn more about Folds of Honor, or for other ways to donate, click here.




Adventurers Everywhere

Jeremiah Young is a veteran we’ve recently talked to and his wisdom and adventurous spirit is one that has inspired us to keep inspiring people everywhere to find balance in their own ways. Jeremiah’s story is one of thousands, and who knows if the person you’re paddling close to is a veteran who has served and sacrificed much for us all.


As you paddle out this week, keep in mind any veterans you may know and say thank you if you get the chance. And if you’re a veteran who trusts us to equip your adventure on the water: thank you. We’ve seen you find balance in new ways on the water, and seen you share that same love with your families and friends, and it assures us that there are adventurers everywhere, all around the world who have special stories to tell.


If you are a military member (past or present), or first responder, click here for a one-time discount off your next purchase.