How to Properly Inflate/Deflate Your Inflatable Paddle Board

Posted on November 14, 2017 by Doug Robichaud

Learning the basics

Now that you have an inflatable paddle board, it’s time to learn the correct steps to inflate (using a SUP Pump) and deflate your board. Like anything, practice makes perfect. To help you become a pro, we created a simple step-by-step guide with photos for you to follow.

How to Inflate Your Paddle Board

Most iSUP owners will inflate their board once they arrive at their paddle destination because it's much easier to transport it to and from your home when it's deflated. Most first-timers will start out inflating their boards with a hand pump, but will soon graduate to an electric SUP pump because you will find out that hand pumping your board is time consuming and an energy sucker. 1. Remove your board from the bag and unroll it completely. Before you start inflating, be sure that the valve's yellow pin is in the upright position. This means the valve is closed and will prevent all of the air from rushing out when you are finished pumping. How to inflate paddle board 2. Any pump with the 7/8th Halkey Roberts valve adapter will work on our boards. If you are using an electric pump be sure to set it to stop before 12 PSI. 3. If you are using a hand pump, insert and twist the hose into the valve and start pumping. The PSI gauge will not read until it reaches 7 PSI. It should take around 10 minutes for your board to inflate.  How to inflate paddle board 4. Once you get closer to your board's recommended PSI, remove the cap on your pump to make inflating your board easier. Inflating your paddle board 5. Keep pumping until your board reaches the recommended 12 PSI. How to inflate paddle board 6. Twist off your pump's hose. How to inflate paddle board 7. Place the valve cap on your board and you are ready to go! How to inflate paddle board

How to Deflate Your Paddle Board

*WARNING DO NOT USE THE VALVE WRENCH! This can cause severe injury.* 1. Before deflating your board, wash it off with fresh water and dry it completely. 2. To deflate, take off the valve cap and push down on the yellow pin, then twist to lock it in the open position. You will notice that the air is being let out now. Deflating your paddle board 3. When most of the air is deflated out of your board, it is time to roll it up. We recommend rolling from nose to tail to ensure all the air can exit your board. Also, keep the fins on the outside when rolling up. How to deflate your paddle board 4. Once rolled up, grab your strap and proceed to strap your board tight. How to deflate your paddle board 5. When your board is bundled up, you can put it in your inflatable paddle board carrying backpack for ease of transportation. Inflatable paddle board bag


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