Is the Best Inflatable Fishing Kayak a Hybrid Kayak Paddle Board?

Posted on August 18, 2023 by Jimmy Blakeney

Inflatable fishing kayaks are becoming more and more popular thanks to their lightweight, portable and surprisingly durable construction, and much improved stability over earlier inflatable designs.  The product team at ISLE created the award-winning Switch as the ultimate "hybrid" paddle board kayak (it's won over 25 "best of" awards since launching in 2022).  Along the way they managed to create a pretty amazing and versatile platform for fishing while standing or sitting!  VP of Product Jimmy Blakeney (pictured fly fishing here) walks through some of his favorite features about the Switch as a kayak stalking machine: 

LIGHT WEIGHT: At just 19 pounds the Switch is the lightest weight hybrid paddle board kayak on the market, making it incredibly easy to handle for just about any angler. 

animated GIF showing various configurations of the Switch inflatable hybrid paddle board kayak

ACCESSORY-READY: A new patent-pending system for attaching accessories, called the ISLE-LINK system, runs the length of both rails and makes installing the included kayak seat, foot brace, fishing kit, waterproof bag, anchor and after-market accessories super easy. 

attaching a seat to the switch inflatable kayak paddle board hybrid

DURABLE: Airtech Lite is a new woven drop-stitch core wrapped in a rugged PVC air-tight membrane, together with dual layer rails and stringers, creating a surprisingly rugged unibody construction.  While you can't treat it like a plastic kayak and do have to be mindful of sharp objects, it easily stands up to daily use when handled properly - a small price to pay for losing over 40 POUNDS in weight versus a typical plastic kayak! 

a man and his dog riding the ISLE switch hybrid paddle board kayak

OPTIMIZED KAYAK MODE: With an oversized 4" raised inflatable seating cushion matched with a fiberglass reinforced high-back seatback, the seat is not only comfortable for all-day use but becomes super-rigid and solid when installed.  Speaking of installation, it can be placed anywhere along the hull thanks to the ISLE-LINK system, so you can trim out and gear up your rig exactly how you like it.  The inflatable foot-brace is another key feature, providing proper paddling posture that enables you to engage your core and use the larger muscles that keep you on the water longer. Again the ISLE-LINK system plays a key role and allows for exact placement regardless of your height and inseam for a tailored set-up. 

a woman laying on the switch inflatable kayak paddle board hybrid

WIDE OPEN DECK WITH FULL-COVERAGE EVA: The entire deck of the Switch is covered with comfortable and grippy EVA decking. This lets you move around and use the entire board (or boat) for landing fish or bringing along the dog (or kid). 

two people kayaking on the switch kayak paddle board hybrid from ISLE

TANDEM SET-UP: An optional second seat lets you pair up with a partner in tandem mode.  Perfect for bringing along a kid and letting them enjoy fishing while you paddle them into position for the perfect cast. 

flexible center fin on the switch paddle board kayak

FLEX FIN: A 9" flex-fin tracks great but flexes out of the way in shallow water should you encounter any rocks, submerged logs or run aground.  

FAMILY FRIENDLY: We may have saved the best feature for last, because the Switch is not just a fishing kayak, it's a family-friendly, multi-purpose, multi-person vessel the entire family can use, enjoy and easily manage thanks to the ultra-light weight.  Even on days where fishing isn't in the cards, time on the water with family and friends is pretty special. 


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