Month of Thankfulness: Giving Back

Posted on November 30, 2021 by Reed Naliboff

This past month we’ve explored the highs and lows of thankfulness: what it looks like to overcome fear and crave adventure, what it looks like to be thankful for the people around us, and what it even looks like to thank your own body. So if you took 30 seconds to close your eyes and list out things you were thankful for, would 30 seconds even be enough? In those 30 seconds, would you even be able to grasp a sliver of just how big this life is, and how much more there is to live?


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Beyond 30 seconds of listing out what we’re thankful for, we’ve learned that life’s a lot more rewarding when we give back. Who doesn’t like to know that their actions are positively impacting people? This is why we believe in giving back, and in partnering with organizations that give back to our oceans, and to our local youth communities.


Giving back is a representation of wanting to share the balance between mind, body, and soul we’ve found in paddle boarding, and how it’s always so much more than just that. Greater Good reports that generosity leads to positive health benefits, largely because it’s a great stress-reducer. On top of that, giving back forges the path for greater community and connection.


So whether you’re giving time, money, or emotional support to others, know that in a way, it always pays well to give to others. This is why a percentage of all our sales goes toward supporting our partners SeaTrees and Outdoor Outreach.


SeaTrees is an organization that works to restore our oceans’ health via initiatives that work to reduce the global carbon cycle. By pinpointing the damage of climate change in our oceans, projects such as mangrove planting and kelp forest restoration, SeaTrees is able to give back to the oceans we paddle across everyday. As we give thanks for the water beneath our boards, we’re confident that with every paddle board that’s bought, we’re giving back to the oceans that make our paddle adventures ones we never forget.