SUP 10 Commandments of the Ocean

Posted on February 6, 2013 by Marc Miller


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Thy Ten SUP Commandments of the Ocean


1. Thou shall only SUP in the sea while wearing a leash. Thy stand up paddle board is a lethal weapon and can killeth or injur another if it gets loose and is not on a leash.


2. Thou shall always keep a high level of awareness even when wearing a leash in the sea especially of whats behind you during whitewater bailouts. Just because you wear a leash doesn’t mean you don’t need to be aware.


3. Thou shall stand up paddle the sea with utmost respect for the other shortboard & longboard surfers. Always keepeth your distance from the surfers enjoying the main break whenever possible. There is always a large stretch of beach down the way.


4. Thou shall learn the basics of stand up paddle on the flat-water first. Thou shall never venture into the sea without a strong ability to balance, turn, and maintain full control of your paddle board at all times.


5. If thou are new to SUP surfing in the sea, thou will always pick an empty location down the beach in which to learn the basics. NEVER learn thy basics in a crowded line-up of surfers or other stand up paddlers as this is a recipe for disaster.


6. If thou must Sweep the sea in a pack of stand up paddle surfers, thou must remember to keep adequate distance from other surfers or longboarders. A small group of just two or three stand up paddlers can completely dominate a lineup and infuriate thine other surfers in your presence.


7. If thou must venture into the main break typically filled with surfers keep thy wave count to a minimum and keep adequate distance between you and the pack of surfers.


8. If thou must SUP in a crowded area stay off to the side and make it a point to sit down on thy board once in a while. Don’t tower over the paddle surfers and sit way out the back so every wave is yours and you constantly block the view of the outside lineup from the surfers.


9. Thou shall never be a wave hog. Remember you can catch waves better than anyone in the lineup. Sharing is caring.


10. Thou shall share the sport of stand up paddle and always teach others to obey the ten stand up commandments of the sea.


Now that you know the 10 SUP Golden Rules of the Ocean – Check us out at Isle for all your SUP needs!


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